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Marketing’s New Rules™ – Contractor Lead Generation: Referrals

Before I get into this week’s tip – I am passing on a Fantastic blog from Marcus Sheridan – the Sales Lion. Take an extra 90 seconds to read it first. So this week I’m asking for 3 minutes of your time.

“Folks, your business is not NASA. The thing doesn’t need to be perfect.” 

I love his advice and embrace it. If you wait until everything is perfect, you will miss so many opportunities.

Last week I gave you the tip about Every Door Direct Mail from the Postal Service.

This Week’s Contractor Lead Generation Tip:

If you are like most of my clients this list will included some chickens and some eggs.

This week focus on the chickens – those people that have provided you with a number of leads (eggs). It will be even smarter to sit down with someone that not only referred you but you have referred them or could refer them.

Start by writing down your best referral sources.

Call the first 5 on your list and set up a breakfast or lunch or after work drinks or coffee.

Don’t simply have a phone conversation or exchange emails. That isn’t how relationships are built.

Break bread.

There is one more thing you need to do. Complete the following questions about your business and ask that they do the same for theirs.

Each of you will bring your answers to the meeting. This will allow both of you to focus on how you can both help each other get more referrals.

I have used these questions for the last 12 years and it works wonders. You need to be specific for each answer – no generalizations – like any homeowner.

  1. What are your most profitable products or services?
  2. Tell me 3 key things about your best clients? (Location, industry, income etc.)
  3. Who were the 3 best clients you ever had? Why?
  4. What makes your company special? (Be specific – great customer service or “we care” isn’t enough.)
  5. When I am talking with someone, what should I listen for that would tell me they may need your product/service?
  6. What would I say to someone to introduce your company?
  7. How will I be able to tell if this prospect is serious?
  8. How would you like me to connect you to this person?
  9. What was the best referral you have ever received?

Don’t wing it – using these questions will show the other person that you are serious about your business and about helping them.

Set a goal to generate at least one great referral for the person you are meeting and to receive at least one great referral.

I will continue on the lead generation theme for most of the summer.

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Think about it.

Until Next Time, I Wish You Much Success

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