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More Lead Generation Strategies for Contractors

Content is king on the web AND your content must be buyer focused.

And because prospects can learn so much about you and your company from their phone or desk, you need to make sure your content speaks to the buyer and motivates them to call you.

Take a look at your website content and ask yourself this question:

“Would I be excited to call my company if I was looking?”

If you are really honest with yourself…maybe.

Here is copy from the home page of several remodeling websites (I changed the names as the exact company isn’t really relevant for me making the point):

“ABC Renovations has built a stellar reputation inNortheast Ohio providing the finest quality construction, service and professionalism in full-service home renovations. Whether your project is an addition, kitchen, universal design, bathroom or whole house renovation it is our designers mission to make your remodeling dreams a reality.”

“Smith Construction is a design build firm that provides complete service from initial consultation through the entire design and construction process. We accomplish this with thorough communication, systematic organization, job-site cleanliness, paying attention to the details and committing to quality.”

What these companies have written is true BUT virtually any company could write the same thing and that means this isn’t going to get anyone excited or motivated.

What they have written is Seller Focused and that doesn’t work today.

If you want more people to call you need to focus on what is important to the buyer. Yes good communication is important, organization is crucial but…

These companies could make their content stand out soooo much more if they provided some evidence of success and made it believable and buyer focused.

You can’t just write something – you need to back it up to make it believable.

On time completion, quality and communication are 3 very important issues for buyers.

What is your on time completion record? Is it backed up with testimonials?

What type of quality do you provide on each project? Is that backed up with testimonials and awards?

How about communication – do you have a company policy on response time for calls and emails?

Change your content and you will get more leads.

The sales game has changed and the speed at which computer power is increasing says this is going to change more.

Check out this post from earlier in July from Marcus Sheridan – pay attention to the section Changing the Sales Process of an Entire Industry.

The contractor Marcus talks about is Buyer Focused and educates the prospect.

This is what I have been teaching my clients for almost 10 years. That is what the Closing Success System is all about.

If you want more people to call you from your website or any other lead generation tactic, you need to focus on what they want not just what you have.

I will continue on the lead generation theme for most of the summer.

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Think about it.

Until Next Time, I Wish You Much Success

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