Home Design-Build Remodeling Projects Bay Area CA

K.C. Customs and Remodeling

K.C. Customs and Remodeling has been the go-to service provider and home remodeling contractor in the Bay Area since 2000. K.C. Customs specializes in kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions, entire house renovations and new home constructions. Owner Kevin Capps founded the company with a design-build approach. In other words, design the home of the client’s dreams and then build it to specification. With a strict focus on customer satisfaction, K.C. Customs and Remodeling is a very dependable and highly affordable service for major interior renovation and home design projects. K.C. Customs proudly serves Atherton, Campbell, Palo Alto and other surrounding areas, providing creative solutions with expert results. The company is well-known for its high level attention to detail, creative approaches and commitment to industry standards.

The K.C. Customs and Remodeling Difference

The core philosophy at K.C. Customs is based on two important principles:

  1. Excellence over size
  2. Create projects instead of just constructing them

K.C. Customs was founded with the intention of helping home owners on their journey towards building and maintaining the perfect home. This includes a laser focus on quality over quantity and an unparalleled commitment to customer service. The expert team at K.C. Customs is trained and experienced in providing homeowners with unparalleled customer service for satisfactory results, often leading to long-standing relationships in which customers return for additional projects. The company prides itself in contributing to the communities it serves, adding beauty to neighborhoods and assisting homeowners un realizing their dreams of comfortable living. From basic repairs to stunning refinishes, quality workmanship is always guaranteed—this is the K.C. Customs difference.

A Core Focus on Communication & Trust

K.C. Customs keeps its clients informed, updated and educated on each step of the project’s progress. The company wants to instill confidence in the hearts and minds of its customers. The K.C. Customs approach is to provide an open forum where the client can ask any question and where suggestions, recommendations and solutions to every concern are offered. This allows the company to successfully navigate the natural concerns that many home owners have during a major home renovation or construction project. As a professional home remodeling contractor in the Bay Area, K.C. Customs is equipped to provide responsive customer service with great consistency.

K.C. Customs will communicate with the customer throughout the course of the entire project. The company does not believe in “surprises” and would rather provide too much information than a lack of it. K.C. Customs will confirm purchases, provide updates on the arrival of materials and its dedicated team of professionals will be there every step of the way to provide proactive, helpful and caring information. Because of this approach, customers in Atherton, Campbell, and Palo Alto have noted how impressed they were with the level of service provided by K.C. Customs and on many occasions have given praise to the company for a job well done. In fact, unlike most other contractors, K.C. Customs furnishes a comprehensive references list, in excess of 20+ current and previous customers who have provided ratings and reviews of the services offered by the company. These references will gladly provide answers to any questions potential customers may have.

For an expert home remodeling contractor in the Bay Area, K.C. Customs is the top choice for additions, kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels, and whole house renovations for new and existing homes. Having assisted households in Atherton, Campbell, and Palo Alto for many years, K.C. Customs knows how to help customers make the right decisions when it comes to their specific renovation needs. If you need a home remodeling contractor in the Bay Area contact K.C. Customs today and speak to a trained professional who can assist with getting the renovation project started, turning dreams into reality. K.C. custom is partnering with NJ local interior designers, local painters Worry Free painting and Brooklyn painters JP Interiors.