As the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the nation and force many states back to stay-at-home restrictions or to adjust their plans for reopening, exterior home remodeling contractors are struggling with how to contact clients, close sales, and begin or restart installations. The hardships imposed by Covid-19 notwithstanding, there are a number of reasons why it is crucial to stay engaged with your customers and continue your marketing efforts even during lockdown.

Take Advantage While the Competition Rests

Believe it or not, the upheaval in our economy presents new opportunities for expanding your share of the market. While other exterior contractors put the brakes on their operations, this is your time to engage in new online platforms or to ramp up your efforts by reengaging.  The coronavirus has forced people to spend a majority of their time at home. For this reason, it is much easier to capture the attention of homeowners who used to be much to busy to think about putting an addition on their home.

Companies Reach Out Offering Solutions and Compassion

A number of companies have reached out through their advertising to let consumers know they are thinking about them and that everyone is in this fight together. Cottonelle, for example, one of the world’s largest producers of toilet paper, changed their messaging to consumers to stem the wave of pandemic panic buying which led to massive toilet paper shortages in stores around the country. Their video discouraged this type of behavior by urging people to stock up on generosity instead of toilet paper.

On the grocery store chain Trader Joe’s website, underneath the company announcements section, the article “Coronavirus Update: How Trader Joe’s is Caring for Crew Members and Customers” is regularly updated to make sure customers and employees know they are staying on top of the latest safety precautions.

Home contractors can reach out in similar ways to let consumers know that they are keeping them in mind. You could also offer extra help or advice to get them through this difficult time. For instance, if you do window repair and replacement, you could create videos that show how to check windows for drafts and make them more energy efficient. Furthermore, you could write blogs about fixing window jams or repairing sashes on older houses.  

In addition details about company safeguards regarding Covid-19, one home builder concludes their landing page with the words, “Be safe and virtual hugs.” By offering empathy and solutions during these unprecedented times, you can show your strength as a company and support homeowners at the same time.

Construction Services Considered Essential Business

Coincidentally, some of the states hardest hit by recent Covid-19 spikes; Arizona, California, and Texas; are the same ones which have deemed construction activities essential. In other states, repairs and replacements to things like roofs and HVACs are considered necessary to keep homeowners safe. For instance, if you specialize in garage door repair, you should not have trouble staying in operation.

Greater Focus on Social Media 

Interestingly, Facebook had its highest traffic month ever last March. They claim that they are seeing new records in usage almost daily. It’s no secret, however, that homeowner activity is exploding on Facebook and Instagram. As a result, exterior contractors have a unique opportunity to increase their customer base by marketing on social media platforms.  

To be successful on social media, contractors need to have a system for getting photos of ongoing and completed work on their platforms weekly. It is also very important to use the slowdown as a chance to engage with your target audience. In other words, respond to comments and try to get conversations going with potential clients to build up your audience. Having great content is important, but spending time promoting that content is equally important.

Shore Up Your Future with Digital Resources

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed most industries, including the home contracting business, to shift more heavily into the digital sphere.  Zoom meetings, video demos, and online estimates represent the direction business is headed for the foreseeable future. While staying ahead of the marketing curve will always be challenging, now is the time for home exterior contractors to alter their marketing strategy to keep pace with an evolving business landscape.