Central NJ Home Renovation & Remodeling

Houghton Contracting

Houghton Contracting knows how to deliver results based on a core philosophy of exceptional customer service and a laser-like focus on quality over quantity. For home owners who are ready to start their home renovation projects, whether an addition to the home is needed or a full-on renovation, Houghton Contracting can address these home improvement needs. A renovation project completed by Houghton Contracting will improve the home’s functionality and will increase its value, providing a noticeable return on investment to the home owner, including improved curb appeal. Founder Gary Houghton established the company in 1998 with these express goals in mind. As a company based in Hamilton, NJ, Houghton Contracting knows how to provide a great renovation experience for Central New Jersey customers. The company’s core services include:

  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Additions
  • Whole House Renovations

As a remodeling contractor in NJ, Houghton Contracting specializes in projects that matter most to clients, helping them every step of the way, from start to finish. This distinguished company is reliable, efficient and truly invested in the homeowners’ vision for their completed projects.

The Right Choice

Choosing the right company does not have to be a difficult task. Houghton Contracting simplifies this decision-making process. Many contractors will taut their benefits, but very few can back what they are saying with proof. Houghton Contracting provides unsurpassed quality that is proven with recent references from current and previous customers. In fact, prior to signing a contract Houghton Contracting encourages potential customers to contact at least 20 references to verify the company’s industry expertise. Very few competitors can do the same. What’s more is the company has been awarded four Contractor of the Year Awards from NARI (the National Association of the Remodeling Industry) for both innovation and excellence in remodeling. This speaks volumes to the level of attentiveness, leadership and dedication Houghton Contracting has for home renovations throughout Central New Jersey.

The Houghton Contracting Advantage

As a design-build company (or a company that designs the project and then builds it specification), all projects completed by Houghton Contracting have one thing in common: an unrivaled level of care and attention to details. The experts at Houghton Contracting work hard to maintain the company’s reputation. These trained specialists focus on delivery of custom, value-added services. The company strives to provide a personal experience that is based on long-term relationship building. Having completed over 200 remodeling projects is no easy feat but Houghton Contracting has been servicing Central New Jersey homes and neighborhoods for years with excellent results. Houghton Contracting always encourages open discussions regarding the renovation process and this alone has kept many customers coming back time and again. Houghton Contracting answers any questions customers may have and also provides suggestions and recommendations based on the company’s 20+ years of experience. Customers in Hamilton and other surrounding Central New Jersey towns and communities have marveled at the way Houghton Contracting has transformed their homes, turning their dreams into a reality, creating an experience that the entire family can share. No matter the project, whether small or large, Houghton Contracting can handle any space’s renovation needs. From kitchen updates to luxury bathroom remodels to entire house renovations, there is a solution for everyone. The company promises to bring innovation, functionality and superior craftsmanship to every project. Houghton Contracting knows how to deliver a superior end result, employing the right tools and techniques to complete the project as promised. If you need a home remodeling contractor in NJ contact Houghton Contracting for a no obligation consultation today.