Choosing a color to paint your bathroom might sound like a simple task, but the fact is that it’s one of the most difficult rooms in the house for which to find the right color combination. Bathrooms can also be one of the most difficult rooms in your home to paint due to all the tiles and fixtures. Though painting your bathroom can give it a whole new look and feel for not a whole lot of money, choosing its best color palette is hard for a number of reasons. First, just because you’re painting it, doesn’t mean you also have the money to spring for new fixtures, and that means you’ve got to match up colors to what’s already there. Second, bathrooms tend to be the smallest rooms in the house, which can make finding the perfect color combo tricky. Finally, bathrooms get a lot more moisture than other rooms in your home; you need to know you’re using the right kind of paint for the job. Here’s how top house painters choose a bathroom paint color.

Bathroom Fixtures

If you’re switching out old fixtures for new ones, you likely won’t have as much difficulty finding the right paint colors. Naturally, you need to narrow down the list to hues and shades you like and those you don’t like. You should also talk with your contractor about the best paint colors that will coordinate with your new fixtures. If you’re not planning on purchasing new fixtures, choosing the right color combo probably won’t be quite as easy. What you’ll be happy to learn is—no matter the color of your current bathroom fixtures, there are ideal color palettes that will coordinate with them, even if it’s just about the ugliest color you think you’ve ever seen! Grab yourself a paint wheel and see if you can match up color coordinates with your fixtures. Read through interior design magazines and watch a home improvement show or two for inspiration. And, by all means, contact a top house painter in Summit, as these people know what they’re talking about when it comes to matching up color combinations.

Size of Your Bathroom

The size of your bathroom can be a major factor when choosing the right paint color or color combination. Some colors can make small bathrooms feel larger. By the same token, other colors will actually make it feel even smaller. If your bathroom is on the small side, try bright colors such as yellow or yellow and white. These will help to brighten up the room, making it look and feel larger. If your bathroom is too narrow, try painting the shorter walls a darker color. This will help square off the room. Believe it or not, black is a great color for a bathroom, particularly if it’s used in this fashion. If you’re lucky enough to have a large bathroom in your home, when it comes to paint colors, you can do just about anything you want. If you need a little more inspiration, consider rich, dramatic colors that will make a large bathroom feel cozier. Rich burgundies and reds, deep purples and blues, and emerald greens are ideal for this situation.

Bathroom PersonalityBathroom Paint Color

So how do you determine your bathroom’s personality? Simple. You look to your family. If the bathroom you’re painting gets a lot of energetic activity throughout the day, your bathroom’s color combo can run the gamut. Light, bright colors will enhance its beauty, and deep, rich hues won’t subdue its energetic feeling in the least; they’ll only add to the drama your family already brings. If you live alone, you might want to think romance when thinking about what paint colors to choose for your bathroom. Consider two or three shades of blue that coordinate well together. Use the lighter tints on the walls, and make the whole thing pop with the darker shades on the fixtures.

Study after study about interior design shows that the bathroom is the room people feel most secure in, out of all the rooms in their home. Funny, but what’s even funnier is that bathrooms tend to be the last rooms folks think of painting, even after mud rooms! But now that you’ve decided it’s high time you painted your bathroom, you want to make sure you’re choosing the right paint colors for the job. When it comes to nailing down the ideal color palette for your bathroom, take into consideration your bathrooms fixtures, the size of your bathroom, and yes, even its personality. For more ideas about how to choose just the right color combo for your bathroom, type ‘house painter near me’ into your internet browser and schedule a consultation.