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How to Choose an Environment or Cleaning Contractor

There are several ways to make the right choice when hiring environment or cleaning contractors. Outsourcing cleaning tasks to industry professionals is a great way to save time and effectively use resources. Here are a few helpful tips that can be used to determine if an environment and cleaning contractor is a good fit:

Tip 1 – Think About Cleaning Needs

The first step in deciding on an environment or cleaning contractor is to think about the cleaning needs of the home or business. Having a good understanding of the exact areas that require maintenance and the type of cleaning needed will help to refine the list of prospective contractors. Also think about the frequency of cleanings. High traffic areas may need deeper and more frequent cleanings than other areas that may only need occasional tidying up. Also think about the cleaning budget. How much can be afforded per cleaning visit or per month? This due diligence and preparation will make the decision-making process a much smoother endeavor.

Tip 2 – Obtain Multiple Bids

Obtain at least 3-5 competitive bids from various environment and cleaning companies. These bids will provide additional information needed to make the most informed decision. Bids may include comprehensive lists of cleaning services and they should also include rates to be charged. The lowest bid does not necessarily mean the best value and could indicate a lack of experience. Also avoid companies that are clearly overcharging for their services. Choose a middle-of-the-road service that is not only reasonably priced but that also explains the types of cleaning materials to be used as well as a description of their cleaning process. Once contractors have been chosen, call them to schedule interviews.
During the interview, ask many questions. Some sample questions may include:

  1. How many years has the contractor been in business?
  2. What types of cleaning products and equipment will be used?
  3. How will the contractor ensure there are no disruptions or inconveniences to the occupants of the home or building?
  4. What types of actions will the contractor take if the client is not satisfied with a cleaning visit?

It is very likely that when interviewing a potential environment or cleaning contractor several contractors will stand out as potential good fits. This is why it’s so important to remember to request references. Good references can be the deciding factor as to whether or not one contractor will be chosen over another. A top environment or cleaning contractor will furnish excellent references upon request. Contact references directly and ask important questions such as:

  1. Was the job completed based on the client’s specifications?
  2. Was the job completed in a timely manner?
  3. Was the client completely satisfied with the work performed?
  4. Would the client hire the contractor again?

For any negative remarks be sure to inquire into how the contractor rectified the problem. Even superb contractors may have some occasional issues, especially in the environmental or cleaning contracting business, however as long as these issues were properly addressed; the company may still be a good contender for the project.

Tip 3 – Proper Licenses and Insurance

One very important consideration is whether or not the contractor is fully insured and bonded. Also verify if the contractor is registered and licensed by the relevant local, municipal and state regulatory agencies. Not only should the contractor and their employees be insured, but insurance and licensing gives the client peace of mind in the event of an accident or other property damage. Also ask the contractor for copies of these items and contact the issuing agencies for any questions regarding effective dates or legitimacy of the documents.

Taking the time to carefully select an environment or cleaning contractor will help the home or business owner maintain a clean and healthy environment. The right contractor will have a good reputation, they will be experienced and they will listen to the needs of the client. Choose the right contractor the first time by following these three easy steps. Choosing the best contractor will help the client avoid costly mistakes later on. For more information on top environment or cleaning contractors in the area, see the following list and contact a contractor today for timely, thorough results.