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How to Choose an Interior Designer

There are several factors to take into consideration when deciding on an interior designer for a home re-design project. Interior designers can help transform a space for both functionality and visual impact. An interior designer can help a homeowner maximize a space, revealing the room’s full potential and reflecting the home owner’s personal tastes, style and preferences. Here are a few tips that homeowners should use when deciding on hiring an interior designer:

Tip 1 – Credentials

A top interior designer will have gained recognition in the design industry. This means that the designer should have an impeccable reputation and also be highly knowledgeable on design industry standards. The interior decorator should also be well connected with a full arsenal of go-to general contractors, furniture suppliers, art dealers and other home goods retail suppliers. For the best outcome, the client should do their due diligence to make sure the person hired is trustworthy and will do good, quality work based on these credentials.

Tip 2 – Portfolio of Work

Review the designer’s style by taking a look at some of the work they have previously completed. This could be as simple as taking a look at the designer’s website or it could include a formal presentation by the designer with before and after pictures. A review of the designer’s portfolio will display their strengths and it will reflect their decorating talents. A qualified interior designer will always be able to provide proof of their work. If the designer’s work is inspiring then hire him or her for the job. Also ask for testimonials and references from other clients. Testimonials and references will be good indicator of the designer’s ability to please their customers. Be sure to ask these references if they would hire the designer again and also ask them what their experience was like while working with the designer. These customers’ answers will reveal how the designer performed and will also indicate their level of professionalism.

Tip 3 – A Mutual Vision

The next tip and one of the most important aspects of choosing an interior designer is choosing someone who can see the client’s vision. This includes finding a designer who can not only add value to the home but who can achieve the look the homeowner originally intended.

A few questions to consider are:

  1. Are the homeowner and the designer creatively compatible?
  2. Does the interior designer listen to the needs of the homeowner?
  3. Do the interior designer’s skills reflect the homeowner’s personal tastes and wishes?
  4. Does the designer refrain from imposing their own tastes and preferences on the client?
  5. Does the designer make helpful suggestions such as introducing the newest design trends but also strike a balance between high end design concepts and the client’s design personality?

A good interior designer will be able to clarify the client’s desires for their home makeover and will be able to achieve the goals of what is really being sought after for the space. If all else fails, rely on personal instincts to determine if the designer and the client are a good fit for one another.

Tip 4 – Their Process

Prospective designers should lay out their process and working terms from the very beginning. Top interior designers will be transparent and will discuss prices up front as well as inquire into the level of investment the client is willing to make. For example, the designer should encourage the homeowner to have a cushion in their budget to make up for uncounted expenses. Good interior designers will also be able to show the homeowner how to save on the overall cost of the project without skipping on a design that is totally pleasing to the client. The interior designer should be a clear, concise communicator who listens to the client for a pleasant and memorable design process.

Interior design should be an enjoyable process where the interior designer and the client work together and collaborate for a custom design that reflects the values of the homeowner. Select a qualified interior designer by following these quick and easy tips. The client and the interior designer will work together closely to reach the client’s ultimate design goals.