Learning how to use energy efficiently can save you hundreds of dollars a year and help protect the environment. According to Energy Star, the average commercial building wastes 30% of the energy used, energy that you pay for month after month. Luckily, now there is a wide variety of alternative and “smart” devices aimed to help cut energy use and save money on utility bills. They include advanced power strips, remote-controlled thermostats and high efficiency light bulbs. There are multiple ways to increase the efficiency with which your company uses energy.

It’s The Little Things that Matter

By now, we are also all supposed to know that many devices like computers, printers, phone charger and DVRs should be unplugged to save energy costs when we’re not using them. We should also be aware that properly adjust thermostats can save money as well. The thought of energy savings when it comes to your business often leads to massive equipment or costly structural updates. It’s often the little things left on that eat into your energy budget, such as light bulbs, personal fans, personal heaters and appliances. Start by replacing lighting fixtures and bulbs with more energy efficient and planet friendly alternatives. When it comes to lights, printers, monitors and computers that are left on, try to implement an energy-saving policy that urges employees to take ownership of these energy liabilities by shutting everything off at the end of their shift.

Renewable Energy Sources to Consider For Your Business

You should consider alternative and renewable energy sources to help power your business. You can use commercial renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, to power some or all of your business. Not only can this alternative help lower your business energy costs over time, but it will also generate power that’s free from harmful CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases.

Old or Outdated Equipment Must Go

With the advancement in technology year after year, there are more and more efficient products being made that save green. Outdated HVAC systems that are in desperate need of repair or an upgrade, are the biggest abusers of energy. This may cost more upfront, but you will, but the investment will pay for itself. Keep your HVAC systems running smoothly by changing the filters on your HVAC equipment regularly, and making sure you have units inspected and cleaned as often as recommended. So, if you’re equipment is nearing or over then ten-year mark, it may be time invest in a more proficient system.

Regular Maintenance Will Save You Money

It’s important that you do regular maintenance so that you’re making sure that your equipment is all working properly and not wasting your energy. It can be something as simple as replacing malfunctioning timers, cleaning solar panels, or it can be as large as regularly maintaining HVAC systems so that they’re operating efficiently. Regular building maintenance can also save you money on utilities or prevent more significant and costly damage in the long run. Add or replace weather-stripping, caulk or foam around your windows and doors to save energy. Drafts aren’t the only way that windows can cost you energy and money, windows that let in the sun’s light and heat can also make it more expensive to cool your office in warmer weather. You can help your business reduce heat gain and increase energy efficiency by using window treatments, such as screen window shades, awnings and high-reflectivity window films. You can also consider replacing your windows with energy efficient windows. These include leaky pipes, ducts and windows that can form financial black holes, and performing regular inspections.

Energy-Efficient Office Equipment

If you’re a business looking to buy new office equipment make sure they have the Energy Star logo. Whether it’s Energy Star labeled computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, scanners and copiers that can run much more efficiently and automatically power down during extended inactivity to help save your business energy. This will give you a chance to save 50% or more in energy use.

Invest in Smart Technology

Technology has had a huge impact on energy savings. Business owners should consider smart technology if they really want to get a handle on their utility bills. Smart technology makes it possible to monitor electricity usage from anywhere you have internet access, review room-to-room usage to identify trends or issues and control temperature based on room occupancy and other environmental factors. You can install a programmable thermostat that gives you the power to automatically adjust the temperature of your workplace when no one’s there. Smart water technology also enables user to analyze usage or identify leaks or pressure issues, which can help with the high utility bills.

Speak to an Electrician

Speaking to an electrician can help guide you through this money-saving effort. With their industry expertise they can also help provide you with tools that lead to long-term energy-saving strategies.