Heating, Ventilation, AC Systems Repair and Installation in NJ

Precision HVAC

Precision HVAC is an industry leader in heating and cooling air systems. Founded by David Kiss in 1986, the company has proudly served Northern New Jersey and its surrounding communities for over 25 years. Precision HVAC provides top quality heating and air conditioning services for residential and light commercial customers. With an emphasis on service, installation and customer service, Precision HVAC has earned an excellent reputation as an HVAC contractor in New Providence, NJ. Precision HVAC places a strong emphasis on quality work, efficiency and dependability. No matter the size of the residence or business, Precision HVAC has a solution. Precision HVAC specializes in the following types of services:

  • Warm air heating service and installations
  • Central air conditioning overhead systems
  • Oil to gas conversions
  • Humidification systems
  • Air cleaning systems & UV lighting
  • Service and repair for HVAC systems components
  • Refrigerant recovery
  • De-humidification
  • Emergency Cooling Services
  • Light commercial HVAC systems
  • Specialization in old Victorian homes

The Precision HVAC Difference

Precision HVAC provides a reliable service for homes and offices throughout Northern New Jersey. As a specialist in heating and cooling units, Precision HVAC prides itself in being a long-standing member of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society. The company also maintains good standing with the NJ Attorney General’s office as well as with the Better Business Bureau. What’s more is the company maintains long-standing relationships with its customers, with numerous customers willing to provide outstanding references, a true attestation to the level and quality of workmanship performed by the technicians who work at the company. Precision HVAC stands out from the rest by routinely and attentively listening to the diverse needs of its customers. Trained HVAC technicians will perform each job professionally, never taking short cuts and will always perform to the best of their ability. This includes only using materials from trusted brands and providers.

The Precision HVAC Advantage

Precision HVAC realizes how important functional heating and cooling systems are. This is why the company makes sure every customer receives the attention they deserve. The company will be upfront from the beginning of the project to the end and will address the specific cooling and heating needs of each customer. Whether this be replacing a simple part or if the entire system is outdated and needs turnkey replacement, Precision HVAC will be fully committed to seeing the project through to the end. Precision HVAC offers a high level of skill, expertise and professionalism—an unmatched advantage when compared to other companies. Precision HVAC provides a timely and convenient service that is ready and willing to perform to the client’s expectations.

Offering Specialized Cooling and Heating

The company specializes in light industrial HVAC systems as well as Victorian homes. Precision HVAC understands the special cooling and heating requirements of these structures. These types of buildings require skilled workmanship with meticulous attention to detail. At Precision HVAC, the customer can be sure of the highest level of work, that will restore comfort to the occupants of the home or business location. As an HVAC contractor in New Providence NJ having served many of the surrounding towns of New Jersey including Summit, Chatham and Madison, Precision HVAC understands the unique needs of home and business owners who require the expert attention of a trained team of professionals.

Precision HVAC intends to exceed its customer’s expectations. The technicians at Precision HVAC are trained, certified and equipped to handle various types of HVAC installations, repairs and routine maintenance. They will go above and beyond to ensure the systems are installed and repaired for complete customer satisfaction. Precision HVAC is a service that customers can depend on. If you need an HVAC contractor near you and you are in New Providence, NJ contact Precision HVAC for a no obligation consultation.