Solar Shading & Window Treatments, Blinds in NY

Shading Systems, Inc.

Located in New Jersey, Shading Systems, Inc. was established in 1985 with one primary focus: to provide fine custom window treatments to customers in New York City and surrounding areas. Shading Systems, Inc. is an industry leader, supplier and installation expert in high-end solar shading solutions and window treatments. Offering specialty window treatments and providing high quality interior and exterior applications, means customers have solutions they can trust and believe in. The company offers a range of products and selections to meet every need. Whether the window treatment is for a luxury residence or a commercial office space, there is a solution for everyone. For custom window treatment installations in NYC, Shading Systems, Inc. is the go-to leader in the region.

Innovative Systems for Solid Solutions

As light control experts, Shading Systems specializes in modern solar control products and is the go-to source for window treatment and installation services. Having represented and established relationships with leading designers and manufacturers of solar control systems for years, Shading Systems has the expertise and insider knowledge necessary to create the perfect shading and light filtration systems for its New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania customers. These customized shading solutions and motorized shading systems use innovative and evolving technologies to create a high level light management experience. These systems are functional and modern and they address a number of light control challenges to include:

  • Rising cooling costs associated with the additional heat of natural sunlight
  • Glares on computer monitors that interfere with work activities
  • Light that disrupts sleeping patterns
  • Harmful UV rays which can damage interior furnishings
  • Hard to access locations such as skylights which require special attention to control lighting

The innovative controls offered by Shading Systems, Inc. make light control simple and convenient. In fact, it can be as simple as the push of a button.

The Core Commitment

At the core of everything Shading Systems, Inc. does is a commitment to its customers and all of their myriad lighting needs. Customers may include residential homeowners, architects, general contractors and commercial business owners. Each customer has unique lighting control needs and Shading Systems provides responsive customer support to address each individual need for a custom approach. Shading Systems provides custom window treatment installations that customers can trust. Clients in New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania benefit not only from the excellent customer support provided by the company but they also benefit from reliable window treatment installations with high end qualities. What’s more is that all window treatments come with a guarantee. Shading Systems, Inc. wants to ensure that each of its customers is confident in the quality and level of service given during the selection and installation processes.

Value-Added Benefits

The value added benefits of trusting Shading Systems with the various light control challenges that exist are almost endless. Shading Systems provides an unmatched selection, along with unrivaled prices for an incredible experience. The lighting experts employed by Shading Systems, Inc. are highly knowledgeable and can explain all of the available lighting options to the customer. This includes listening to the customer and designing a solution that meets their needs.

Shading Systems, Inc. is an industry leader in solar control systems to include high quality window shades, blinds, draperies and other light control systems. This company provides competitive prices and a product selection and installation process that is unparalleled. Custom window treatment installation in NYC is easy when it’s completed by Shading Systems, Inc. Customers in New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania can continue to benefit from the many light management solutions offered by the company. If you need a custom window treatment installer near you and you are in NYC contact Shading Systems today for the best service around.