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Modern Living Room Design Trends

Modern Living Room Design Trends 2018

Living room design trends for 2018 are about one word: drama. No other word says it better than this one simple concept. As more people insist on expressing themselves in everything they do—their homes, their lives, their careers, their social media presence—no other idea better sums up the entire theme of 2018’s living room design trends. And it’s that sense of the dramatic that takes center stage with each and every one of the year’s trends when it comes to designing the most livable of all living spaces. If you ask interior designers what’s hot this year, they’ll use words like impressive, vivid, powerful, breathtaking—all synonyms of the dramatic that’s showing up in modern living room design trends, for this year and likely well into next. From art that’s expressive, to gold that strikes a chord, to black that’s anything but basic—these are the fun, whimsical, emotional, and dynamic trends that are making 2018’s living rooms a thing of beauty, excitement, and influence.

Modern Home Office Design

Modern Home Office Design

A home office is the quintessential means of getting the most out of your life. In today’s busy world and with your hectic schedule, you simply can’t keep it all together without one. Professional interior designers in New Jersey and throughout the country will tell you that modern home office design is about three things: creativity, functionality, and organization. If you bring these three elements into your home office, you’re sure to have a modern workspace that boosts your creative juices, maximizes your productivity, and optimizes your time. Here are some tips about modern home office design from interior designers near you that will help you get the most out of the office you’ve chosen to add to your home.