If you own a contracting or home remodeling business, you only make money when you are working on a job. And to get work people need to know about you, refer you, and be able to find you. Naturally, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through a quality website that informs prospective customers about your skills and services.

Beyond your company website, however, another effective way to grab local business is by getting your business information listed on well-known contractor listing websites. Not only will you increase online exposure to your target audience, but you will have many more lead opportunities in addition to improving your site’s rankings on search engine results pages.


One of the most well-known and popular sites for contractor business listings, HomeAdvisor garners approximately 2-3 million visits per month. As a result, contractors and home remodelers consistently generate great leads and solid reviews from this website. Because their marketing is so effective, we are now seeing HomeAdvisor reviews promoted on contractors’ Google Business listings as another testament to their quality and reliability. 


You really cannot lose with a website like Houzz, which is dedicated solely to listing home remodeling professionals. Actually, there’s no excuse because it’s easy for a contractor to create a free professional profile. Since Houzz averages about 4-6 million users from search engines per month, you are guaranteed to reach a wide target audience. One of the strengths of this site is how it uses photos to showcase contractors’ work. If you have good photos of your work or your team, this is a prime opportunity to make your contracting business stand out.

Angie’s List

Another site that no contractor can afford to ignore is Angie’s List. Because this website gets anywhere from 4-5 million users every month, it is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Indeed, it has practically become the go-to site for people interested in looking up vetted professionals and verified reviews of home remodelers. Having the opportunity to gather your reviews here can really help your business build a solid review profile across the internet. In addition, Angie’s List also has other helpful features that attract potential customers like fair price estimates for home repairs and renovations.


While Yelp may not be the first site that comes to mind for promoting home remodeling businesses, it is an incredibly effective site for marketing because of its extensive reach. For instance, according to ahrefs, Yelp receives the greatest share of user traffic for the keyword “contractor.” This amounts to approximately 28-31 million visitors from search traffic every month. In other words, you need to verify and update your Yelp listing as soon as possible. Moreover, having backlinks to your site from authoritative sites like this one will do wonders for your SEO.

The platforms mentioned above are a few of the most important websites for contractors and home remodelers to have a listing. Since most contracting businesses deal mainly with local clients, the goal is to improve your search presence and rankings in your local area. By listing on websites that regularly get high traffic from people searching for contractors, you will raise your local online visibility and generate lots of great leads for your business.