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North Carolina Marine Construction Contractor

boat docks at sunsetLogan Marine is an industry leader in marine construction services including: pile driving, bulkheads, floating docks, piers, gazebos and boat lifts. Logan Marines understands the demands of owning a dock in Wilmington, NC. From subjection to harsh weather to continued exposure to other natural elements, each client deserves structurally sound marine construction projects that are not only reliable but which will last a lifetime. Having been in business since 2001, owner David Logan established Logan Marine with the intention of providing quality marine services for coastal North and South Carolina including Atlantic Beach, Carolina Beach and Swansboro. Logan Marine has built 100+ decks and docks and various other marine-based projects. The company’s attention to detail is impeccable and their commitment to excellence remains unrivaled. For an exceptional experience with an expert marine construction contractor in Wilmington, NC read on to learn more about Logan Marine’s construction services.

The Logan Marine Difference

Logan Marine is a company that embraces excellence with a strong commitment to industry standards. The company is dedicated to marine design and turnkey construction projects that are not only visually appealing but and can withstand the harsh weather and waters of Wilmington, NC. Logan Marine is committed to providing sound, quality structures both over and under the waters of coastal North and South Carolina. What makes Logan Marine so different is the company’s commitment to its customers. Logan Marine collaborates with its customers and establishes long-standing relationships with them. The company wants to gain more than its customer’s business, it wants to gain each customer’s trust with a mutual understanding that each project will be completed on time and within budget. The company has a proven track record of success with many satisfied customers. With a depth of industry knowledge, training and expertise, Logan Marine seeks to provide a one-of-a-kind experience that will exceed the client’s expectations. The Logan Marine team is group of seasoned professionals who are fully committed to the company’s core values.

Keys to Successful Marine Projects

Logan Marine understands the demands of completing a marine project from start to finish. This is why the company places such a high emphasis on the following:

  1. A Trusted Team. Logan Marine prioritizes the safety and well-being of its customers.  This is why the company only uses in-house employees to install marine structures.  These highly trained professionals know how to use specialized marine equipment, they understand the different materials used and are skilled in various installation methods and processes.
  2. Communication. Logan Marine utilizes a comprehensive planning process that walks the customer through the beginning of the process (initial and pre-construction planning) to daily installation to supervision performed by David Logan himself, to the completed project, and follow-up after completion.  This detailed approach ensures the customer is informed every step of the way and is aware of the progress that is being made during each phase of marine construction.  Digital photos can even be provided via email for customers who want to see the progress of their projects.

Logan Marine Promise

Logan Marine is a company that stands by its word. The company values hard work that is based on honesty and integrity. Because the company understands how important it is to do what is right, they give every customer the level of personal attention they deserve. In other words, taking innovative approaches and providing timely solutions to customer’s concerns is our top priority. Logan Marine realizes that in order to obtain clients’ trust, it must take the steps necessary to create a remarkable customer experience. While other companies may offer similar services, Logan Marine understands the long-term commitment and investment associated with a marine construction project. This is why the company makes every effort to make sure the project goes as smoothly as possible. Are you located in Wilmington NC and looking for the best marine contractor near you, check Logan Marine.