Home remodeling contractors cover a wide range of expertise from carpenters who renovate bathrooms and kitchen to roofers to ones who add new plumbing and electrical systems. One thing they all have in common, however, is their desire to grow their businesses. And every contractor knows that getting their name out there is key to gaining new customers.

In order to stand out from the competition, contractors need to employ every digital marketing tactic available to generate new leads consistently. Although you may already be using some of these online marketing channels, it never hurts to review your digital strategy and update it with some new channels that could increase your conversions in 2022.

Get to Know Your Customer

Before you target a specific audience, you need to know what makes you special and to make your audience aware of it. For instance, your company might focus on restoring historic homes or large-scale industrial painting. Or maybe you have lots of experience remodeling retail spaces.

This is the kind of thing your target audience needs to know about your business. In other words, your marketing efforts should reflect what makes you different and how you can help your audience. Essentially, you need to make it clear to prospective customers why they should be hiring you.

Expand Your Content Marketing

Content is integral to online marketing regardless of which digital channels you use. Not only does better content help your SEO, but it also gives you material to link to in your emails and post on your social media accounts. If you have a blog, for instance, you can add to your website’s authority with regular posts that include helpful information for your customers. In this way, you add value while promoting your brand.

Use Website Call Tracking

To reap the benefits of your digital marketing strategy, you have to use the data correctly. If you regularly get calls from people wanting to learn about your services, call tracking can help you figure out where your leads are coming from. In addition to recording the data, it will help you understand your target audience better because you can see how your audience finds you.

You can also try different phone numbers to track which leads find your company. In this way, you find out what kind of marketing drives leads to your contractor business. By following your audience’s journey, you’ll get a much better grasp of your customer and their behavior.

Use Customer Reviews to Your Advantage

Since word-of-mouth referrals are one of the most effective marketing tools, see if you can get customers to spread the word about your business by writing reviews or testimonials. When people search online, they usually look at reviews to see what kind of experience other people had with your company. For this reason, it’s vital that you manage your reviews in a way that encourages leads to do business with you.

It’s inevitable that you will have a combination of good and bad reviews; hopefully, the good ones will outnumber the bad. Don’t be too alarmed with negative reviews because people expect to see some. What’s important is how you deal with them. You should always acknowledge your reviews whether positive or negative. If they are good, thank people for their comments. If they are not so good, make sure you address their complaints. People want to know you will be attentive to their concerns. Acknowledging previous customer concerns will demonstrate to both former and prospective clients that you care.

Show Off a Bit

If you aren’t showing off examples of your latest work, you aren’t promoting your business as much as you should be. You should always have an up-to-date portfolio of your best work on your website and social media accounts. Often, past projects help tip the scales in your favor for clients who like what they’ve read about your business so far.

A good way to keep your portfolio current is to ask clients if you can take pictures of your work whenever you finish a project. Not only will you have recent photos online, but you might also be able to get a Facebook review from them.

Get on Home Advisor and Elsewhere

If you haven’t already registered your business on HomeAdvisor, do so right away. You should also get on some other sites like NextDoor and Thumbtack to have as much online presence as possible. NextDoor is slightly different in that it is closer to a social media site than a job board. In any event, people often post on this site when they need home remodelers or general contractors. It’s the kind of site where it pays to be active and check out local community posts.

Marketing your contractor business online is critical for growing your business whether you are just starting out or trying to expand your client list. Use these contractor digital marketing strategies to show clients how you add value and watch your leads and revenue grow by leaps and bounds.